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los angeles based. visual display & design. we push the limits. we make an impact.


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Set+Stage Creative is a prop design and manufacturing studio located in Los Angeles that specializes in retail window displays. It all began when Sean Sager and David McBride became a team. After years of working together on various retail projects, they combined forces and started their own journey. With over 20 years of contacts and relationships built, Set+Stage Creative works closely with major retailers in the USA and around the world.

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Set+Stage Creative is mindful of your budget, in-store dates and overall aesthetic that fits your brand DNA and style.  

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Our mission is to ensure the products and displays drive traffic into your stores in the most creative way possible.

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We have a friendly and knowledgable sales team, fully staffed with creative designers just for you.

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Our production crew is highly skilled and capable to ensure you are 100% happy from start to finish. 


understanding our client's brand dna and goals are key

sean sager  |  Founder